I am a player of the game, on world 2, and I wanted to pass on the knowledge I have gained onto future players, to spice up competition and make the game more enjoyable for everyone. Creating this wikia will take time, but progress is being made and new content is added continuously. I am working through my list of stubs systematically, but if anyone has any requests for pages, I will be more than happy to help (of course if you have a minute you could upload some yourself!)

When I have added more content, I will improve the site's navigation as I understand it may not be the easiest to explore in it's current format (little I can do at the moment). I intend to create a navigational section on important pages so it isn't essential to use the category format. Any suggestions or improvements are welcome.

The pages I will be working on over the next week will be mainly on the clan section (buildings, hordes, war etc.) but I am keen to create pages for essences and the AA skills list to coincide with the latest update to Doomlord.

Happy hunting!