Underworld pit
Underworld pit


Necrofun focus 5

Maximum Level


Total Cost

over 160m


Decreases primary and secondary spell damage

Leads To


If your level is at least 60, underworld pit decreases the spell damage you take by 1% for each level. It's max. level is 40, but you can enjoy this benefit only as long as your level permits. For example, at level 65 you can have a maximum of 6% reduction even if the pit's level is higher. Above level 20, it does not decrease spell damage further, but gives 0,6% resistance per level instead (resistance decreases the spells ability reducing effects). You can enjoy this additional effect regardless of your level.

Level Construction costs Cumulative cost
1-20 3000000 SE 60000000 SE
21-40 5000000 SE 160000000 SE