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Enables you to improve Ramparts/Training Grounds

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The soul-well stores the soul-energy collected by the clan. You do not have to improve it after the construction, its capacity is increased continuously as you raise newer buildings. If the clan wins or loses in war, the charge of the soul-well may change.

It is the very first building that must be constructed by a clan to open access to the other buildings. Building it adds to luck just like any other building. If the soul-well is built and a new player joins, they must fill the soul-well before the receive the benefits of the already built buildings. The soul-well size increases as SE is used to build other buildings so the more SE put into buildings = larger soul-well capacity. If the new player has already built into another clan, the amount they have to contribute is decreased.

The soul-well fills up after 1 week no matter how large it is, but you can reduce the regeneration time by building the catalyst. Manaconstruction, the building modifier and building from the soul-well does not increase the soul-well's capacity.

The growth of the soul-well depends on the size of the soul-well capacity itself; it will grow more when it is smaller. If it is at 50k or less, the capacity will increase by 1/10th of the contributions you make. This multiplier goes up by 1 after every 5k over 50k, so at 55k, the capacity will increase by 1/11th and at 60k, the capacity will increase by 1/12th of your contributions. If you build 175k or more SE at a time (of base SE, not modified by the building skill) then the capacity will increase by 1/35th of the contributions.

  • So if you built 100k into a soul well of size 300k, it's capacity would increase by 2857.
  • If you built 100k into a soul-well of size 20k, it's capacity would increase by 10k.
  • If you built 100k into a soul-well of size 75k, it's capacity would increase by 6667.

Level Construction costs Cumulative cost
1 5000 SE 5000 SE


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