Protection potion Protection potion Preventorixpikusz Preventorixpikusz
Type misc Type ring
For 24 hours your defense, intelligence and absorption will be increased when you are attacked by a significantly more powerful Doomlord. If you get attacked and you win, you won't get XP, SE, and your pets will not get XP either. If you don't wear it, and you have energy harness, you get half XP if you win.
Price 10 duel points Price (level * 1000) SE
2 AS 25 AS
Blue crystal potion Blue crystal potion Green crystal potion Green crystal potion
Type misc Type misc
You get 50 crystal points when you drink it You get 50 crystal points when you drink it
Price 5 duel points Price 5000+((level - 40)*150)
5 AS

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