Yellow healing potion Yellow healing potion Yellow healing potion Refreshment
Level 1 Level 10
Heal 80-150 HP Heal 300-500 HP
Cost 300 SE Cost 2 AS
Ancient nectar Ancient nectar Ancient nectar Holy drink
Level 20 Level 30
Heal 400-650 HP Heal 1000-1500 HP
Cost 1200 SE Cost 2 AS
Black chalice Black chalice Black chalice Ebony chalice
Level 40 Level 50
Heal 1200-1600 HP Heal 2500-3000 HP
Cost 1800 SE Cost 2 AS
Forbidden nectar Forbidden nectar Forbidden nectar Gemina's drink
Level 60 Level 70
Heal 2000-2400 HP Heal 4000-5000 HP
Cost 2500 SE Cost 2 AS
Holy healing potion Crystal healing potion Holy healing potion Holy healing potion
Level 80 Level 90
Heal 4500-6000 HP Heal 6000-7500 HP
Cost 3500 SE Cost 2 AS
Clear elixir Clear elixir Clear elixir Unknown
Level 100 Level 110
Heal 6500-8000 HP Heal ??
Cost 3500 SE Cost ??

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