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Articles requiring cleanup, rewrite and or re-formatting

Articles in need of general cleanup, ranging from grammatical and linguistic clarity to completely rearrangment of page contents. <DynamicPageList> namespace= category=Articles revamp order=ascending count=10 </DynamicPageList>

Articles that need images

Article with little to none pictures, in need of visual information. <DynamicPageList> namespace= order=ascending category=Articles needing images count=10 </DynamicPageList>

Pages on vote

Pages undergoing votation for granting of Good status, Featured status, or demotion from the previous. Please cast your vote on the relevant page. <DynamicPageList> namespace= order=ascending category=Status change count=10 </DynamicPageList>

Articles to be expanded

Articles in need of expansion. <DynamicPageList> namespace= order=ascending category=Article stubs count=10 </DynamicPageList>

Articles to be promoted

Articles in good shape in need of small modifications in order to achieve Featured status. <DynamicPageList> namespace= order=ascending category=Articles to be Featured count=10 </DynamicPageList>

Pages on votes for deletion

Pages undergoing discussion for deletion. Please cast your vote on the relevant talkpage. <DynamicPageList> namespace= order=ascending category=Candidates for deletion count=10 </DynamicPageList>

More things to do:

  • Merge articles that need merging – Sometimes, two users get the same idea for an article, but put them on pages with different names. When we find them, we tag them to be merged, in hopes someone will combine the two into a single, cohesive article. Don't forget to remove the merge tags when you're done!
  • Create redlink articles – Many articles reference topics that haven't been addressed in Wookieepedia yet, creating redlinks. Some reference many such topics; these articles are less useful to our users, because much of the related information they might want to seek is unavailable. It is helpful to create new articles to fill in the gaps of these articles with an excess of redlinks; please don't forget to remove the redlink tag from the original article once the majority of the links have been filled in.
  • Create a wanted page – Some topics are referenced by a great many pages, but haven't had an article created about them yet. You can find a list of these heavily-referenced topics, sorted by how many references they have, here.
  • Create a requested page – Users sometimes request the creation of a particular article. You can help by creating one for them.
  • Fix double redirects – Sometimes, an article redirects to another article, which in turn redirects to yet another article. When this happens, instead of smoothly being redirected, a user must instead manually click through to the third page. In order to prevent this, we try to eliminate double redirects, pointing all redirects at their final destination.
  • Categorize a page – Categories assist in easy navigation by grouping similar topics together; please assign a category to these articles.
  • Expand a short page – Some articles are merely placeholders, waiting for an intrepid Doomlord like yourself to come along and expand upon them. You can find a list of our shortest pages, sorted in order of their brevity, here.

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