Curse Pyramid
Curse pyramid


Mage Tower 5

Maximum Level


Total Cost

??? SE


More SE from cursed individuals

Leads To

Citadel of Destruction, Torture Chamber

The clan may curse a Doomlord with this building. If a member of your clan attacks the cursed Doomlord, 20% more soul-energy is stolen from him/her.

  • You can simultaneously curse as many Doomlords, as the level of the curse pyramid
  • Use costs 5 SP x the level of the curse target
  • If the cursed player attacks you and loses, you do not gain +20% SE

Level Construction Cose Cumulative Cost
1 5000 SE 5000 SE
2 20000 SE 25000 SE
3 55000 SE 80000 SE
4 105000 SE 185000 SE
5 170000 SE 355000 SE
6 255000 SE 610000 SE
7 360000 SE 970000 SE
8 485000 SE 1455000 SE

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