Beholder added an Alternative Advancement (AA) system to the international
servers where players can customize their characters even further. The special thing about the development is that it requires experience points only, with soul-energy (the universal currency) having little to do with it. However, AA points only begin to generate after having reached level 60, when the world is clearer and experiences can be controlled and focused.

AA points are gained whenever XP is gained and the formula is

AA = XP / (level*35)

Disadvanced development reduces the amount of AA points received from dimension gates and hunting. If disadvanced development is maxed out, just a quarter of AA points are obtained instead of what is normally received. The Compensation ability to counters this.

For example, a level 80 player receives 57 xp per hunt. AA = 57/(80*35) = 0.02. If they have disadvanced development maxed out, AA = 28/(80*35) = 0.005. AA is worked out to 3 decimal places.

AA points are also obtainable through rewards, the auction house and other means.

Compensation's effectEdit

Compensation reduces the effect of disadvanced development, which reduces AA point generation massively. Each level reduces the effect by 10%.


  • Normal AA gained: AA = XP / (level * 35)
  • Disadvanced Development AA gained: AA = AA * ( 1 - (DD / 100))
  • AA gained with compensation taken into account: AA = AA * ( 1 - (DD * ((1 - (compensation / 10))/100))
  • XP gained is 57 at level 80
  • Normal AA = 57/(80*35) = 0.020
  • AA gained with DD 50 and Compensation 6
    • 0.02 * (1-(50*((1-(6/10))/100))
    • 0.02 * (50*0.004)
    • 0.02*0.8 = 0.016

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